Auro Impex & Chemicals (P) Ltd


Auro Industries Limited has established itself as the Global one stop shop" for all the products and services related to Electrostatic Precipitators.

We supply wide range of High Alumina & Porcelain Support & Shaft Insulators for Electrostatic Precipitators to aid in the operation and maintenance of the ESP system. The Support Insulators are installed at the top of the Electrostatic Precipitator and are generally housed in a heated compartment. Our high voltage Porcelain Insulators are manufactured to mechanically support & electrically isolate the ESP Electrodes from the casing & are designed to withstand both load as well as temperature. We export ESP parts to various countries. We can supply all makes and types of Insulators for ESP.
We are the authorised selling agent of M/S XHDC, China in Indian market.

Type Of Insulators For Precipitators Offered by AURO

Pedestal Support, Post Insulator, Shaft Insulator , Rapper Insulator, Support Cylinder Insulator, Support Tapered Insulator, Wall Bushing.

When an insulator fails in a precipitator, there can be disastrous consequences. Electrical fields can be shorted out, lower guide frames can start swaying, discharge electrode rapping can be lost, or high voltage conductors can contact ground. If a support insulator fails ,the high voltage frame in that field can fall. Time is of the essence when an insulator needs to be replaced. We not only stock most common insulators but we also supply High alumina versions which have vastly superior strength and electrical properties over standard porcelain. Insulators supporting the high voltage system are of porcelain or alumina and must be kept free of dust and moisture to prevent "arc-over."